Fit For Art Patterns

fitforartRae Cumbie is the creative director for Fit For Art Patterns. Fit for Art Patterns was born out of our frustration in finding a great-fitting pattern that facilitates our use of creative sewing techniques. After many variations, we believe we have created a pattern that gives home sewers, quilters, weavers and other fiber artists a truly “blank canvas” to display your creative expression and results in great fit. Our goal was to create a pattern that enables all types of sewers and fabric artists to transform their hand made textiles into unique, comfortable and well-fitted garments.

Fit for Art Patterns feature simple pattern pieces that are easy to assemble and very versatile. They are also designed to flatter all body types – from tall to petite, slim to curvy, young to mature. For example, our Tabula Rasa Jacket includes alternate pattern pieces for women with an AB or CD cup along with straight and flared hip options.

We believe that our sewing instructions are the best on the market. Our instructions include tips on selecting the best combination of pattern pieces for your body type, planning your garment’s design, making a mock-up to test the fit, adjusting the fit of your garments, and completing a lined or unlined version of the jacket.

Please visit our website to learn more or to purchase our patterns.